Wednesday, February 20, 2008



HuaJie and YanYun.

You're both sixteen and can do some stuff.

Yay for you.

Yanyun is especially happy since his ahpek is old enough too! She expressed her extreme happiness with a joyful jump and then humming the "Happy wife" song. She also constantly practices the "Nice wife" pose which is extremely difficult to master due to it's absurd amount of bowing and cheesy smiles.

Huajie on the other hand, has not found his ahsam yet. Sadly. He expressed his deep regrets by constantly staring at the mirror, wondering which cursed strand of hair was it that caused his loneliness. This was, of course, just an excuse to get a view of himself. Self pleasuring.

Hope you all like the picture!

Here's one for Jin Wai!

Word of advice for all you people.

You'll probably not regret it. After all, life is about meeting new challenges.

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