Thursday, February 14, 2008


A standard conversation with Yong Ying goes like this.

(02:35) liQi the lion?: On that sunday morning....
(02:36) '<3: i'm sure godlikeness will find you
(02:36) liQi the lion?: =.=
(02:36) liQi the lion?: righteousness.
(02:36) '<3: i arose and dragged my heavy soul out of the linen sheets that bound my shell..
(02:36) '<3: albeit
(02:36) '<3: 'i woke up'
(02:36) liQi the lion?: I hate my sheltered lifestyle. This is the end of it.
(02:36) '<3: lool
(02:37) liQi the lion?: eh let's continue the story O_o
(02:37) liQi the lion?: since we're bored anyway
(02:37) liQi the lion?: xD
(02:37) '<3: hahahahaahahahhahhaa
(02:37) '<3: ok my turn
(02:37) '<3: the end of it; it is the end of all that is life, the end of the life that is all, all we know of life
(02:38) liQi the lion?: *stunned*
(02:38) liQi the lion?: Life... What is it anyway? Is it just a meaningless torture device created by the struggles of heaven and hell?
(02:39) '<3: Crafted so frivolously by the force within us, that will destroy us in the name of us
(02:39) '<3: Life is but a game of chess..
(02:40) '<3: when the board folds, so do we.
(02:40) '<3: *drumroll*
(02:40) liQi the lion?: Living our lives as just pawns... Is it worth it? No! It isn't, and thus we mustn't let it end like this. We must strive to be the King.
(02:41) '<3: HAHAHAHA
(02:41) '<3: That crown, lies upon our white stone heads...and stone is but a metaphor, a metaphor to confine all that we are strained from.
(02:42) liQi the lion?: This confinement.... This struggle... Is it meaningless?
(02:43) '<3: The desperate answers locked in the core of man, only to be released when our souls are released from their lockets
(02:45) liQi the lion?: *tough*
(02:46) liQi the lion?: Meaningless or not, it matters not. What matters, were our purposes. Do we have them? Or are we just mere tools?
(02:47) '<3: We have our opinions, mere illusions crafted from the illusion of our choice, but we are feeble, like the handle on a cracked toilet.
(02:50) liQi the lion?: /omg
(02:50) '<3: : O
(02:50) liQi the lion?: There, my thoughts stopped. I just realised that I was pooping in the toilet, holding onto the cracked handle of the toilet. I snapped. "HOLY CRAP THE HANDLE BROKE!?!?! HOW AM I GONNA FLUSH NOW!?!?!"
(02:50) liQi the lion?: i am teh winnar!
(02:51) '<3: ...
(02:51) '<3: Illusion : Pop
(02:54) '<3: Disexist.
(02:54) '<3: done


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