Monday, February 4, 2008

Shake Hand and Go Home. Vote for us yo.

They wubb my phone. Actually, they wubb my phone's front cam.


I am the bone of my camera.
Camwhore is in my blood.
And photogenic is my body.
I have camwhored over a thousand times.
Unknown to Pn. Lee,
Nor known to Pn. Zubaidah.
I have withstood cheekaches to smile many times.
And yet these pictures are never nice.
So as I aim my camera,
Unlimited Camwhore Works.

Poetry at it's best.

Yanyun and half of Jinwai.

Yanyun and her green world.

Yanyun trying to imitate Shing.

Jinwai and Me.

Me against the CCTV.

Jou and Juat.

Jou and Juat.

Jou and Juat. Again.

Jou and Juat. AGAIN.

Jou and Juat. (Will it end?????)

Jou and Juat....................................

Jou and Juat. (Finally.)

Jou, Juat, Liesa.

Me, Koks, Jou.


Yanyun's mouth.

Just being retarded.

Me and Jou.

Did I mention that my actual first name is Ho? My name is Ho Li Qi. (Holy Qi.)

Jou's acting skills.

It's starting to get annoying seeing her face in nearly every picture, isn't it?


Act cute.

Caught off guard.

Very prepared this time around.

Me, Koks, Jou, Juat.

Jin, Waiwai and Lis.

Jou and Juat for the umpteenth time.

Koks and Jou.

And the recipient of the award for Camwhore of the Day is unmatched.

Camwhore of the day: Ong Jou.

Right, so today we went to Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam.

Quite a long ride. Got Liesa's mum to fetch us.

It was hell packed. We had to line up to register. And the line never moved an inch.

After 30 minutes of squeezing, they sudden announced that Petaling students can skip the registration.

Such wasted time.

Anyhow, as we finally settled down, we were treated to some sub-par food. The chicken was hard. Geez. Don't do something half-heartedly damn it. Just get us KFC. xD

Ya and soon I was greeted by some friendly SMKDJ students. Among them Kai Li stood out the most, obviously.

Apparently she's an acquaintance of Ping Chien, my house leader. Speaking of my house, we're dead last, which is sad. Anyway... back on the day.

Right, she thinks I resemble her cousin from Pinang. Surprise surprise, her surname is Yip too. So I sort of "played along" and said maybe I AM her cousin. Haha, oh the well. But I wouldn't write off the chances that our ancestors might be blood-related. =\

Anyhow. This ceremony was such a waste of time. We were so bored, that Jou stole my phone and went berserk.

Besides, this money-giving-generosity-act is quite suspicious. It's probably about election again.

Everything intertwines with the word "Election".

Government these days.

They're probably menyampai-ing their maksud tersirat: OH WE SO GENEROUS PLZ VOTE FOR US HAHAHA!

Right sure.

In the end, we sat down for 5 hours and went home after we shook the Menteri Besar's hand.

What a show of respect.

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