Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chasing my Youth.

Dadadee. Merentas desa today. Was amat the dissapointed with myself. I wanted real bad to get to the top 10, or better yet the top 5. And was quite confident in doing so.

However. It just seems that my mind gave in to my body.... I failed.

Just when I thought hope was gone... Dozens of people running ahead of me... I decided to give one last push. Sprinted the whole of the last stretch.... And....

Came in 19th....

Not so bad afterall? Hahahahhaha. Still disapointed though. I now intend to train hard and win the next one.... It's a tall order, but i believe if you have the will to win, you'll be a winner.

Looks quite pretty doesn't it? I'll bring home one that's 2.5x as tall next year. I hope.

"To me... Youth is all about using your strength to do what you want until you have none left!" - Shuuji to Akira.

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